Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is an early-in-the-process shot of the lunar breathing apparatus. I started with one of those twenty dollar respirators from Lowe's, replicated the plastic holder in brass and added some leather bits- I even learned how to sew leather. It's actually pretty easy.

There'll be a leather strap wrapped around that vent in the front, and a hose coming out either side of the mask (where the black attachment points are...) and I still need to add some leather to the sides there. All of this goes on the face, under a pair of brass goggles my friend Dr. Grymm has offered to help me with and a nice bowler hat to round it all out. There'll be a second one coming along with different leather trim- the idea is that Mulvey built these things himself given what the Victorians knew about the moon.

Of course I realize there's no way in hell this would actually protect adventurers on the lunar surface- their blood would boil if they got out of the spacecraft, but it makes for a unique look, and the story is fun.

So why the hell not?

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