Friday, December 18, 2009

Who are my main protagonists?

I wanted to be able to come away from some videos I recently watched describing what a character is having learned something. So... another rewrite of the prologue is in order.

In the mean time, here's some insight into the man Mulvey is.
  • Curious about the world.
  • Self assured. He knows he's smart, which can a liability.
  • Wealthy. Despite trying to remain class blind, his upbringing makes those efforts difficult.
  • Affable. He's very friendly and very, very loyal. Also a liability.
  • Confident. He believes he is a good judge of character. He's not.
  • A little misogynist. Also part of his upbringing- he's completely unaware of it.
  • Adventurous. This trait defines him more than any of the others, and his wealth and genius allow him to have many adventures.
  • A genius at inventions.
All of these main traits make him a likable snob. His character arc will break down his worst bits.

Fanny, on the other hand is very different.
  • Curious about the world.
  • Ahead of her time. A suffragette with ties to Susan Anthony.
  • Educated. She went to Wheaton Female Seminary. She speaks Chinese and Russian.
  • Passionate. She falls in love with her father's Chinese manservant against his wishes.
  • She wants what men of the Victorian era have- comradeship, freedom and acceptance.
  • Confident. She knows she is good judge of character.
  • Independent. Much to her fathers dismay.
  • Strong. Wu has taught her some fighting skill.
All of these traits make her intractable and distant to people she doesn't know. Once her shell is cracked, however, she is very much in the moment.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More snaps of the mooring dock interior

I'm trying a new rendering style, and I think I'm pretty pleased with it so far. I am going to continue to tweak these shots as I go, but I'm rather pleased with how it's looking.
Here's a closeup of the boxes and barrels I've made, with a cool overhead light to punch it up a little. The only thing missing now are the signs.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mulvey's character arc

  • Mulvey and Grimmauld fought for the Union in the civil war.
  • Despite the master/servant relationship found in so many Jules Verne stories, Grimmauld is constantly reminded of the difference in class.
  • Mulvey signs a contract to invent for Glowerston Industries. His first task is to design and oversee the construction of the Hypatia.
  • He falls in like with Coraline. They make plans to wed.
  • Mulvey and Fanny are childhood friends. He's happy to see her and doesn't understand her cold shoulder.
  • Glowerston has no interest in going to the moon. His contract demands he begin the next project at Glowerstons whim, which happens to be a trip to the ocean floor.
  • He is told that Glowerston has found the location where his fathers ship went down which peaks his interest and gives him initiative to build the bathysphere.
  • Once at the bottom of the trench, Glowerston shows him in no uncertain terms he is nothing but a tool. He is there to recover a mystical artifact and is expendable. Fanny intervenes, saving them.
  • After recovering the sword, he voids his contract with Coraline's help, and secures funding to go to the moon. They marry. He builds his moon ship.
  • Once on the moon, he is assaulted by Grimmauld- it turns out Grimmauld was paid by Glowerstons second to kill him. Mulvey honestly did not see it coming.
  • Mulvey accidently kills Grimmauld.
  • On his return, a bomb that Glowerstons second set goes off, killing Coraline and disfiguring both Mulvey and Glowerston.
  • Fanny shows up. Finally, he realizes that he's been a boob and with Fanny's help, they plot their revenge against Glowerston and his second.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fanny's character arc

  • She and Mulvey are childhood friends. When they meet again after a number of years, he's kind of a pompous jerk.
  • She falls in love with a Chinese warrior named Wu in the employ of her father.
  • Her father has made a deal with his second in command for her hand in marriage, which she puts off as long as she can.
  • After a wedding date has been set, she and Wu escape together to China. They live there for a number of years.
  • Her father, in an attempt to salvage the contract with his second pays an assassin to kill Wu and their boy and bring her home.
  • Wu's bodyguards fail to protect him, but are able to save the child.
  • She returns to Boston on the down low, contacts Mulvey and together they hatch a plan for revenge.
  • She and Mulvey are able to be friends again.