Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fanny's character arc

  • She and Mulvey are childhood friends. When they meet again after a number of years, he's kind of a pompous jerk.
  • She falls in love with a Chinese warrior named Wu in the employ of her father.
  • Her father has made a deal with his second in command for her hand in marriage, which she puts off as long as she can.
  • After a wedding date has been set, she and Wu escape together to China. They live there for a number of years.
  • Her father, in an attempt to salvage the contract with his second pays an assassin to kill Wu and their boy and bring her home.
  • Wu's bodyguards fail to protect him, but are able to save the child.
  • She returns to Boston on the down low, contacts Mulvey and together they hatch a plan for revenge.
  • She and Mulvey are able to be friends again.


  1. Is this backstory to Fanny or is this part of the story we experience? (I'm pretty sure I remember reading some of this in the first draft?)

  2. I wrote this as a response for the actress I want to play her... I'll be following up with the other characters soon...

  3. Yes - This is helpful in a scoring (music) situation too. The composer has to get into each characters head to a degree. Keep 'em coming!!!!