Sunday, November 28, 2010

The shoot worked out great!

Having never worked with kids before, it was pretty challenging... Especially near the end as both eight year olds were rapidly approaching their tolerance levels as the last shots were being recorded.

Nevertheless, they were awesome. It was a fun day and for all that, I'm glad it's over.

I'm snookered.

I'll post pictures and whatnot as I get them!

Rehearsals went well...

Everyone arrived about 10:15. It took a little while for the kids shyness to wear off, but after a while the performances we were getting were great. Cut some stuff out of the dialogue (haha silent film) to make it easier on them, and got some great ideas for some camera angles.

The props turned out really well, although I over-engineered the book so it wouldn't fall apart and now it doesn't open all the way. *sigh*

Have plenty of duct tape to mount the tripod to the ladder, though!

This is fun!

We'll start shooting after lunch. Everyone is on break now.

Friday, November 26, 2010

One more day until the shoot!

Been driving about like a madman getting stuff we need.

Props are done, except for Mulveys Moon Book. I found tons of great pre Civil War era illustrations of the moon and its creatures which Mulvey leafs through before he disassembles his blimp. Which looks awesome, BTW.

Tomorrow we prep the room for shooting, I need to get the picture of the president printed and finish off the book. Then we'll be ready!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As you can probably guess with this show, costumes are pretty important.
I wanted to give a shout out to the people I am purchasing costumes from.

First, there's my favorite, the Gentlemens Emporium. They are reasonably priced and their selection is topnotch. All of my main characters are wearing the costumes I purchased here. Their selection of Victorian, Edwardian and western clothing are amazing.

Next on the list is Fall Creek Sutlery. These guys went above and beyond to make sure young Mulvey's clothes got here before Thanksgiving. They specialize in Civil War era outfits and props. Awesome.

Originals by Kay covered younger kids clothing and Kay was really helpful in getting my costume pieces to me in a timely fashion. Her womens Civil War era dresses are absolutely beautiful. And compared to other places, her prices are reasonable.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I just received the first part of Jake's costume...

...And the second part should be arriving tomorrow.

Everything is on schedule!

If the second half of Jake's costume arrives tomorrow, we're a go for shooting on Sunday.
The plan is to be at my house at 10am. My friend Mark and I will be setting up the room Saturday for set dressing.

Jakes costume consists of pants, socks, shirt and bracers (suspenders) and possibly a hat.
Alexi's costume consists of a dress. If she doesn't have white leggings please let me know so that I can get some for her. (Period is not mandatory, as long as her legs are white.) Also, if you have a light colored hair ribbon, please bring that as well.

Karen's costume consists of a dress and a bonnet. If you have dark, narrow shoes, please bring those. Period isn't a must as we never really focus on your feet.

I do not have a makeup person. I do have makeup. Alexi and Jake should darken their lips a little bit and we can powder their faces to reduce glare. The lighting will be bright during the shoot, but once it goes post I will relight to make it look like candlelight during the day.

We'll rehearse for as long as we need (I'm budgeting about two hours) and then we'll start shooting. I estimate it will take about four hours, so unless I need extra coverage or something unplanned turns up, we should be wrapping no later than five.

I will provide lunch at the very least- I think a six foot sub and drinks should cover it. If we run past five I will order pizza.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Looks like the first day of filming might happen on Sunday, November 28th!

I was at a loss when all summer, I couldn't get a hold of the Dad for one of my child actors. I had told him before he went on vacation that I needed his kids clothing sizes and that I wanted to shoot over the summer. Little did I know he was embroiled in a bitter divorce and this little project of mine was not really that important in the grand scheme of the universe.

Alexi's Mom turned out to be a savior. Her daughter plays with a boy down the street named Jake and they share the acting bug. Voila! Young Mulvey. To make things even better, we'll be shooting the scene (if all schedules line up!) in two weeks.

I have two weeks to recreate 1851 in my bedroom.

Millard Filmore was president, the war between the states was ten years away and a young inventor dreamed of going to the moon while his playmate had distinct opinions on the politics between girls and boys.

This is going to be amazing.