Monday, November 15, 2010

Looks like the first day of filming might happen on Sunday, November 28th!

I was at a loss when all summer, I couldn't get a hold of the Dad for one of my child actors. I had told him before he went on vacation that I needed his kids clothing sizes and that I wanted to shoot over the summer. Little did I know he was embroiled in a bitter divorce and this little project of mine was not really that important in the grand scheme of the universe.

Alexi's Mom turned out to be a savior. Her daughter plays with a boy down the street named Jake and they share the acting bug. Voila! Young Mulvey. To make things even better, we'll be shooting the scene (if all schedules line up!) in two weeks.

I have two weeks to recreate 1851 in my bedroom.

Millard Filmore was president, the war between the states was ten years away and a young inventor dreamed of going to the moon while his playmate had distinct opinions on the politics between girls and boys.

This is going to be amazing.


  1. Sweet, can't wait to see more. Good luck with recreating 1851

  2. Remember one of the best prop houses in town is History for Hire.