Friday, December 4, 2009

Mulvey's character arc

  • Mulvey and Grimmauld fought for the Union in the civil war.
  • Despite the master/servant relationship found in so many Jules Verne stories, Grimmauld is constantly reminded of the difference in class.
  • Mulvey signs a contract to invent for Glowerston Industries. His first task is to design and oversee the construction of the Hypatia.
  • He falls in like with Coraline. They make plans to wed.
  • Mulvey and Fanny are childhood friends. He's happy to see her and doesn't understand her cold shoulder.
  • Glowerston has no interest in going to the moon. His contract demands he begin the next project at Glowerstons whim, which happens to be a trip to the ocean floor.
  • He is told that Glowerston has found the location where his fathers ship went down which peaks his interest and gives him initiative to build the bathysphere.
  • Once at the bottom of the trench, Glowerston shows him in no uncertain terms he is nothing but a tool. He is there to recover a mystical artifact and is expendable. Fanny intervenes, saving them.
  • After recovering the sword, he voids his contract with Coraline's help, and secures funding to go to the moon. They marry. He builds his moon ship.
  • Once on the moon, he is assaulted by Grimmauld- it turns out Grimmauld was paid by Glowerstons second to kill him. Mulvey honestly did not see it coming.
  • Mulvey accidently kills Grimmauld.
  • On his return, a bomb that Glowerstons second set goes off, killing Coraline and disfiguring both Mulvey and Glowerston.
  • Fanny shows up. Finally, he realizes that he's been a boob and with Fanny's help, they plot their revenge against Glowerston and his second.

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