Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kit bashing and all that goes with it...

For the second story in my film, a lot of action takes place in Rock Hill, the site where the Baltimore Gun Club built their mighty Columbiad. My job is to make it look like after ten years, it's quite the tourist attraction. There will be tents and popcorn vendors, palmists and tea leave readers, and a number of permanent buildings; an ice house, the main train station and a few more. My plan is to make/buy a number of Victorian era HO scale models and use them as backgrounds.

Now, I'm not sure if you've ever seen one of those building kits, but they look really fake. Plastic. As an experiment, I bought a train station in N scale for my home layout. I removed the plastic brisk base and created a more appropriate wooden one using this unique balsa wood that had been scored or etched by a laser to look like 2x4s.

Then I went to town and weathered the whole enchilada and added some mud on the ground and at the base of the building. I think it looks rather... used.

Terry gave me some awesome pointers, so the next ones I do are going to look even better. Plus, they're twice as big, which will make it a little easier.


  1. This looks great! The weathering is really nice.

    And I really Like Terry's Website! I wish I could get mine that clean and polised but with a Steampunk flair!

  2. @ Steve: The weathering IS nice. For some reason the tracks seem not quite right. I know you dont have much control over the look of the tracks and I might be talking out my arse as I should compare real photos of tracks at that time to what you have their.

    @ Doctor Grymm : Thanks! A steampunk 'no frills' site WOULD be really cool. :)