Monday, October 4, 2010

So I cracked the script today...

I read through it and it sounds awesome. Too bad the film is silent.
I'm about halfway through writing the damned thing after a number of false starts, and I've figured out a way of getting the conversations relevant.

See, there's certain cards that need to be in place to understand what is really going on. I've written those things in red.

The rest is merely argument or discussion that my actors will convey using body language and over-emphasized facial acting. I even want the mustache twirling going on.  What's pretty neat is that once the shooting script is done, I'll actually have all the dialogue cards ready to go, and the storyboarding will fall into place.

Heck, most of the boards are already drawn. Although I will have to change them as I add or remove ideas.

I just wish I wasn't so tired.

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  1. I watched Paul Leni's 1926 "Waxworks" the the other night, and it is interesting to see how FEW title cards (dialogue) are actually inserted at times.

    Expressions can really tell several lines of dialog when done right. And then there were the times when I was like, "Hey - WHAT are they saying!?" Times when maybe a card should have been inserted? :/ A tricky balance to say the east!