Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's... brilliant!

I saw this flare in my presets and thought, this looks like the flares in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the Nazi's get it at the end, and used it. My friend Joe said, "if I were to make a machine, a light that bright would indicate somethings about to explode."


So, it's changed, but here's what it looked like before!


  1. JJ... Abrams... flashback... in progress...

  2. lol. ok. To me it looked like a mistake. Im glad your not using that one. So which one did you go with?

  3. Karen hit it on the nose with that comment! For a second I thought I was on the bridge of the new Enterprise!

  4. You wound me! Gah!

    Seriously, I used a standard flare. It has to be pretty bright to hide the fact there's not really a light there, but I will post it when it's ready!