Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In the first chapter of my film, the adventurous Jack and his unfaithful manservant Dick descend in to the depths of the ocean to recover a mythical artifact in this thing. This is a pretty rough design, and thanks to my friend Dr. Grymm, those gloves you see will be able to retract into the hull so they actually can recover the sword.
This chapter will be done primarily with practical effects work- I'll build a miniature bathysphere, a full sized interior set (gah!) a forced perspective miniature of a graveyard of wrecked ships from many different eras, a cliff and finally the wreck of the Valeria, a Nordic ship that was transporting the Roman artifact when it mysteriously sank.

You see, Jack discovered this prize when he was able to get a copy of a map from Professor Arronax, the man who sailed with Captain Nemo onboard the Nautilus a few years earlier.

I will also be animating a cg octopus.

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