Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The mooring dock is almost done!

This is where the picture of the entire cast is taken at the end of the prologue.
Well, after several days of modelling, I've finally finished the mooring dock interior. Now all that's left is filling it up with stuff. You know. Stuff. Like big wooden crates, signs, a Glowerston Industries logo, and some other stuff to make it more... Lived in. Regardless, I'm pretty proud of this image... I've never lit anything before and this is looking pretty real-


  1. It looks great in black ad white although you may have to lighten it up for the final product.

    Its kind of a shame actually...its all so beautiful in color!

  2. Wow! THis looks really awesome. I mean - if it looks like THIS now - wait till all the goodies get in there! Good job Steve - really - GOOD JOB!