Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All done for now...

The props done. The poster's done. And finally, in a little over eight days I pulled thirty greenscreen keys and rendered out two hires renders of the Hypatia and the loading dock that looked fantastic.

The dvd went out this morning, winging its way to Connecticut. Final length? Six minutes.

Six minutes of cheese, that had my wife laughing out loud at my hammy acting. It was great.

So now I feel empty inside.

But not really.
I'm done.


  1. lol. damnit Teresa gets to see all of this first!? :D When do WE get to see something? ;)

  2. Ok. Thanks for sharing the DVD Steve. I really enjoyed it. In fact I think I enjoyed it even NORE the second time. LOl. LOVE "tiny" for miniatures!!! ROFLOL.

    Best of luck in Connecticut!!!

    This movie is going to be great!!!!!!!