Thursday, July 29, 2010

I just bought the costume for young Fanny

So I think it's going to look awesome; it's a pre civil war era play dress, which is perfect for the scene. Alexia just has to wear black stockings to make this thing work. I also purchased an era specific primer, some clay marbles and something called a Battledore- sort of a hand held reference for children with letters, numbers and even has the "now I lay me down to sleep" prayer on it.

The scene has worked out even cooler than I was hoping and I only need two dialogue cards... Maybe only one if I can get my two young actors to sell the storyline. The story boards do a great job getting this action across, and the finale is quite funny.
This is a flashback to when Fanny and Mulvey were children together. Toys and school books are scattered across the bed they are playing on under the watchful eye of a nanny.
 Mulvey is trying to tell Fanny of his singular interest and dream- to get to the moon when he grows up. Fanny picks up a toy blimp while he is explaining all this and notices what she's holding.
He asks for it, she gives it to him and he pulls off the gondola... Indicating that it is now a rocket ship, which he enthusiastically blasts off and flies around.
Fanny is now totally captivated, clapping her hands and laughing. She finally tells him that she wants to go too, when Mulvey shatters the mood by laughing at her, and saying "Don't be silly. Science is for boys!"
At which point she promptly decks him.


  1. Looking good. Very clear boards. Will be a fun sequence to score.

    Only 2 dialogue cards eh?

  2. Yeah! I'm thinking one for the last bit of Mulvey's dialogue- about science is only for boys. If the kids can sell what's going on through their body language, big gestures and a little ham and cheese, I can get away with it.

    I might need to add an extra card with Fanny's bit about going along... But if I can avoid it, the scene will flow better I think.