Wednesday, August 4, 2010

May I present... Jack Mulvey!

Here's the tinkerer that ended the Civil War abruptly in 1863 with the invention of an aerial mortar launcher that rained destruction on the southern calvary.
He's pictured here portrayed by my friend (and actor) Scott Gould. The only thing missing in this picture is the coat- We're looking for one. Doesn't he looks awesome, though? Imagine the pockets on his vest filled with little knick knacks and doodads...

This is going to be awesome.

I want to thank Scott for coming over and trying on the clothes tonight; he's a busy man.



  1. Looks great man! Y'know you can submit this to the book along with any other character photos for the film into the Steampunk1000 book if you want. Great look and framing!

  2. Let me ask him if that would be ok. I sure have no problem using this in your book, but it's not my decision.

    I'm glad you like the picture! There will be more coming as I get the other folks into their costumes!

  3. Will have to discuss his invention of the aerial mortar launcher when I finally get to meet him! :)

  4. Yeah! There's gonna be a scene!

  5. Yes the aeriel mortar launcher. Ive been waiting for that device for quite some time now... haha I had to create an account so i can post on the blog. Sweeeet!!!

  6. Congrats- glad you can post and thanks again for coming over last night. That was exciting!