Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well, it's been a while, but there's a lot of new stuff coming. Here's the finished monorail train, as well as it's station. In the context of the shot it's in, we'll never get this close, but if there is, at some point in time a webseries, well, this is where some of the action might take place.
This is essentially a reversed steam engine. I referenced the back end as the boiler and the front end as the cockpit, although I'm not sure a forwards view is even necessary.
From the other side. The notion is, the supports are on the left and the rail mounts are on the right.
I based the cars on pullman style coaches from the late 1800's. The first class and the second class are identical on the outside, but the inside is much more plush for the folks paying more. Not that I actually built that or anything.
This is all part of the Boston Horseless Transportation Company. Now, Some people have pointed out that the support arms for the trains should be bigger, and I agree. But, if I want to finish this shot I have to call it out as a CBB, or "Could be Better." If there's a need for this in upcoming episodes, well, I can always put em on.

The station is sort of a combination of a regular train station and a subway station. The "G" stands for Glowerston, a major stockholder of BHT.

The bunting is because it's the fourth of July. And the day the Hypatia sets sail.
I rigged the trains to stay on the rail, and these last two are renders with motion blur.

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  1. I know, huh? I'm trying to finish off the building now, and it's going to go faster than building this thing, but boy- a month (working about two hours a night, if that) to get this thing built for a scene that's going to last ten to fifteen seconds.