Monday, September 27, 2010

Look at what we made!

Most of the actors for my film came over on Wednesday evening- It was a last minute thing and I almost forgot to tell Scott that it was on! Nevertheless, everyone put on their costumes and I have to say, wow. What great casting. The group got along well, and looked amazing. Kat fell right into the role of suffragette and her facial expressions were grand. Scott looked every bit the narcissistic playboy inventor and Mark was fantastically funny as the guy who carries things for Mulvey. And James hair made a surprise appearance. But he looked suitably nasty.

More pictures to come!


  1. Can I get a hi-rez of this for a screensaver?

  2. Ok-I have to admit. The "All Aboard Hypatia" poster sure looks darn great against a sky blue background as screen saver on my Mac Pro! Wow.