Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Movie Posters!

Here they all are. I sure hope you like them! I would love to print these out into postcards. Now remember, the guys don't have all their facial hair and Kat didn't spend a lot of time on her hair, so this is just the costumes. But I think the digital set looks pretty decent and the integration works despite my limited four light setup (and the occasional power failure!)

Let me know what you think!


  1. LOVE 'em! They WOULD make great postcards. All different and unique. Everyone sure looks like they BELONG in their surroundings too. I like all the tag lines except for the last one for some reason.. (maybe its too wordy? for a tag line?) Hmmmm... referring to "He'll watch your back.... Because he;s looking for the best place to put the knife!"

  2. Dude these are so awesome!!!

  3. Yeah, they turned out pretty awesome. I love the backgrounds and the fact that no one picks up on the fact that they're digital!