Monday, October 26, 2009

A lot of rewriting, a lot of time spent with my son.

Haha. So, I think I finally have all the plot points nailed down.

  1. The prologue is much more argumentative and Mulvey is no longer a reactive geek; he's more of a character with a spine, although he is still pretty innocent of the way those in power use people. He's also more of product of the Victorian period so that's where his character arc will go, in an attempt to discard it. Fanny plays a bigger role here too. I also removed the mother in law character.
  2. The Descent should be a lot more exciting now- and the ships graveyard will be much more of a central location. It's here where Mulvey realizes he is expendable, but he's got an ace up his sleeve.
  3. Huzzah the Moon is simpler. Grimmauld is paid to kill Mulvey on the moon and Farnsworth sets in motion a backup plan. We also learn that Glowerston had his daughters husband murdered and Coroline is now killed at the end, which makes the third chapter all the more tense.
  4. In Revenge, now Fanny and Mulvey team up to destroy Farnsworth and Glowerston. Originally, the entire story took place in the sky where as now, I will be showing more plotting going on which makes the effects I have to do a little easier. (Less shots to worry about...) In addition, the endgame was Fanny's to play, and now both of them have their hand in it- A friend of mine hated that Mulvey disappeared in the third act.


  1. Now this is working great! Even my muddled mind is making sense of it all!

  2. When can we read the rewrites!? It will be intriguing to compare and contrast with the first draft.