Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little more rigging is needed... BUT!

It's looking pretty awesome!


  1. Now the Hypatia is basically an important character in the film no? I'm trying to get a better grip on this 'characters' role.

    She has guns aboard her I read somewhere. So she can be beautiful as a sailing vessel but also deadly. Does she transform later? Where are the guns kept?

  2. The Hypatia is the glue that puts everything together. In the prologue, she's the focal point of the stories events- First flight.

    In the Descent, she's the ship the bathysphere is connected to. In Huzzah the Moon, she's the crane used to lower the "bullet" into the Columbiad. And in the finale, Revenge, she's the ship that Glowerston dies in.

    In the middle of the ship are a pair of balconies; one to a side. Each side has nine covered portals. She carries eighteen slug throwing cannon.

    No transformation. Mulvey designed her as a pleasure ship to transport high and steerage class passengers quickly across the oceans. There's a couple of saunas and baths underneath the lava cauldrons and everything inside is beautiful. (Although we never see it, other than as an illustrated poster...) Glowerston uses it to sell weapons abroad.

  3. This is looking amazing Steve! Any images of it without the aging process?

  4. I see. Pretty cool. For Transformation I didn't mean like a 'transformer' I was just thinking that you had different scenes where she plays different rolls I thought there would be 'something' about her that might look different as I see her as a character of the film, changing to some degree to suit the situation.

    Of course lighting can be used used to give off a different aura as well. :)