Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember that matte painting I was working on back in the when?

You know the one I made back in October?
Here it is all bright and shiny and... moving. It needs a lot of work, but I think I am pretty happy just because it worked.


  1. THAT sir looks incredibly AWESOME!!! Pretty amazing stuff comparing the original to this!

  2. Looking good. I see where NOT having color is a challenge. ;) For e.g. in a world of color (no pun please!) the festive buntings on the windows would be more noticeable. Is that why you cleverly choose to add a foreground fence like structure with buntings on it? :)

    And of course perhaps music can help drive home the festivities.

    Looking forward to people and carriages and cars. :)

  3. Actually, I just put the buntings on a fence that was already in the picture!

    I'm glad you guys like it!

  4. Wow! It looks really REALLY good! I wouldn't worry about that weird perspective you were worried about, you can't even tell. I wish you could move in (or out) further, seeing everything move in perspective is really fun!

    More please! XD

  5. Oh wait, I see what you mean about the perspective...the sort of canted Toontown looking buildings?...whats causing that? The lens?

  6. I think I'm going to have to redo this- Start out with a more accurate ground plane. But I have all the bits so it's really just a matter of puzzle piecing it together.