Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moving forwards...

Sorry for the vacuum over the last month and a half- I've been working lots of OT.

Consequently, I'm behind on the script polishing and the board drawing and I still haven't had time to order costumes and build the two props necessary for the shoot. I would like to get all of this organized and put together and get everyone together for costuming and some test shoots- I now have the ability to track camera moves which solves some of the main issues I was worried about since for the Prologue, it's all greenscreen shoots with a couple of exceptions (the kids will be shot on a practical set) and I would like to get some of the closeups against a flat.

For those of you unfamiliar with this project, it's an alternative 1870 after the civil war. I'm doing the Prologue first, followed by the three chapters (acts) that tell the story of an inventor trying to overcome obstacles the villains keep throwing in his way. The reason I'm doing this is for three reasons; cost (this is a shoestring project and spreading it out over four separate but related stories makes it easier on my checkbook), feasibility (is doing an epic, feature length silent film something people are interested in seeing? A ten minute prologue that sets it in motion will answer that) and finally intrinsic value (it's just as easy to make something bad as it is to make something great. Doing this first film that's half as long as the other chapters and being able to finish it in a reasonable time should answer *that*)

The shoot will take two weekends, but not everyone will need to be there for the whole shebang. I will put together a schedule as we get closer to it. I will also be updating the blog with all this information.

Right now, after May 7th I will be on vacation for two weeks. I would like to be done with the script, story reel and props by May 31, with a potential first shoot weekend on June 5.

I already have some of your costume sizes, but I only have Scott's hat size. Everyone in my late 1800's had either a flying machine or a ether powered car and a hat. Please send me your hat size and clothes sizes if you haven't done so already. I would also like to put your websites on my blog if you have them.

I've also mentioned barter- I can't pay you guys very much, but if you need a logo design or a 3d model or prop I will be happy to do that for you. Also, for the costumes I have to buy, those will belong to you after the shoots are done. I will also do craft service on the days of the shoot.

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