Thursday, January 28, 2010

The assassination attempt...

Here's the board where Wu steps in and saves the day. Originally, this whole prologue was kind of boring. I attempted to liven it up by having everything work against the clock, trying to get launched at noon. However, that felt really contrived and when I hit upon this idea that Glowerston had been receiving death threats which would then culminate on an attempt on his life (we are led to believe, anyway) that sort of made the tension happen without forcing it.



  1. This scene is really good now.

    This works much better. And I have a suggestions that is an easy editorial addition if I may. Since the assassination is the BUILD now we need to see just a tad more of our 'shifty' fellow. You can have cuts to him as the segment builds. (even quickie cuts like a second).

  2. That's an awesome suggestion, actually.

    Shifty like a fox.