Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's a miniature rail car from Huzzah the Moon!

I found this great place online that sells little tiny models in HO scale from the late 1800's. This will be part of the Columbiad set where the train with Mulvey's moon ship pulls in. It's been ten years since the Baltimore Gun Club made history by going around the Moon, and Mulvey intends to make history by landing on it and returning. In the intervening years, Rock Hill (Tampa) has become something of a theme park- part carnival, part beach resort. The set will be built about eight feet by eight feet in HO scale and I will be building a full scale set of some of the tents in my backyard and augmenting them with greenscreen combined with minatures and matte paintings.


  1. Checked out the Mile Post model works site. Love it. The only miniature I ever built from the 20's were a few old trucks for "Spaced Invaders: (

    LOVED the 1922 MACK Railcar/Bus Kit-Jordan Miniatures HO/HOn3 from Mile Post!!!!! Awesome!!!

  2. Pure awesome. You worked on Spaced Invaders? Awesome cubed!

  3. If you last to the end credits I was credited with "Model Shop Supervisor" (I think I did more building of stuff then The movie turned out ok. It was fun. "Everyone hide inside the 'Donut of destruction'!!!!" :)